On 31 May 2007 I finally had enough.

The BBC has lost the plot and I said goodbye. If you would like to know more then email, or simply ask me at a gig!

I no longer wanted to be subjected to ageism and bullying and acted upon some excellent advice from an 'old school' BBC Manager many years ago.

"Dignity ... always dignity"

So I just walked out without a fuss ... and, believe me, I could have made one.

Nonny James joined the BBC in 1988. She broadcasted regularly on BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Hereford and Worcester. Nonny has also presented programmes for Radio 2, and has contributed to programmes on Radio 4 and 5 Live.

Nonny was the producer/presenter of the cult status Fretwork on the BBC in the Midlands. It was the most listened to specialist music programme in the region at that time of the evening. It was first broadcast on 15 February 1989.

Nonny took over the Sunday Late Show (for the Midlands region) on 2 April 2000. It went out between 10pm and 1am. People at my gigs still talk about it. What a success. There was Nonny, and Wardrobe the Horse, Bertie the Baboon, Sid the dog, Marjorie the Chicken, Alright the Duck, and the legendary sheep, and YOU ... for three hours of radio that didn't always make sense.

However ... Management found it a bit confusing and the slot was replaced by some young funky thing that didn't last long. Dear Management (you know who you are) you made a big mistake and have deprived so many listeners of a classic programme. Suggest you make a visit to specsavers!

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