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How can you write curriculum vitae when you've been self-employed since you were nineteen? I shall attempt a potted history instead! Education: Private school for girls where I spent most of my time writing 'I must not talk after the silence bell' very quickly and very often. I also spent quite a lot of time in detention for either talking after the silence bell or making people laugh. I now earn a meagre living talking and making people laugh.

Further Education:

I had to support myself from seventeen years old as my parents left home! Completed a two year secretarial course in one year, graduating with RSA Stage 3 in Shorthand (150 wpm) and Typing (90 wpm)

Work Experience:

Aha. This is ridiculously varied due to my low boredom threshold. I did have a proper job for two years as a Private Secretary but I really didn't like it. Having been brought up with horses and dogs, I managed to gain a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor qualification and I also possess a Diploma in Horse Psychology. I had a business training young and/or unruly horses, and I also had a riding school. When the bottom fell out of the horse market in the 70s, I retrained as a Canine Beautician in London. I had a very successful dog grooming (and dog products) business for 13 years.

Then the baby came along.

I realise at this point that I forgot to mention music! I was classically trained and have Grade 8 piano and Grade 8 theory of music...BUT I love blues/jazz/folkrock, etc., and song writing. I have been a full time musician/performer/comedy entertainer for nearly 40 years.

BBC: I was actually discovered by my local radio station in 1989 and invited to become a specialist music producer/presenter. There followed 18 years as a freelance (I turned down the offer of a BBC staff contract) producer and presenter of news, magazine, arts, and 'alternative' programmes. In addition, 300 applicants applied to present a short series of early morning Radio 2 shows. Peartree Productions asked me to be their presenter and we were successful in our bid. I have also had features on Radio 4 and 5.

WRITING: I love it. As a full-time musician and entertainer, I have time to tap away at the computer during the day. I love people and I love words.

TEACHING: I forgot to mention the 5 years I spent teaching 'short people' (3-11 year olds). If you want to know more, then you'll have to come to one of my gigs!


TALES FROM THE PATIO: My first book(let). Random thoughts of a female fifty something. 5

Back cover 'blurb'.

Bacchus (you'll have to read the book!), flies, cobwebs, computers, alcoholic aphids, royalty, politics, TV ads, anti-ageing products, glue sniffing for pensioners, Wimbledon, Mastermind, and gardening.

These are some of the subjects covered in 'the random thoughts' of Connie Fuschias, a lady of fifty-something, with contributions from her friends Phyllis Stein, Laura Norder, Lou Role, Wendy O'Lean, Polly Fillar, Val Policella, and Sue d'Nimm.

But the star of 'Tales From The Patio' is...

The Patio!

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Sadly not the cruise liner!

People are so quick to criticise and complain when things go wrong, but hardly ever take the time to praise and simply say 'thank you' when things go right.

I had a mini stroke in December 2010 and was admitted to Hereford County Hospital A&E. My treatment there was excellent and all the staff welcoming and re-assuring. The consultant Dr R. Ransford arranged for the neurologist, Dr N.P.Davies, to admit me to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. I managed to get a bed on 7 February.

I wish I had written down the names of everyone I came into contact with and by that I mean not only the medical staff but also the porters, orderlies, dinner ladies, cleaners, etc., etc. But I do remember Michael (!) and the lady who enjoys her bell ringing (!)

So that you know who you are, I was admitted on the evening of 7 February and was discharged on the evening of 10 February. I was in Room 24 (yes a room to myself my goodness I felt like a private patient) on Ward 411.

So...the NHS that comes in for so much critisism...

In that couple of months I had 2 Cat Scans, 2 MRI scans, a lumbar puncture, several blood tests, and visits from nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, specialists, registrars and consultants. Now then, I wonder what the bill for all THAT would have been, had I had to pay?

In conclusion, the next time you receive excellent FREE treatment, I am sure that a thank you would mean a lot to all these hard-working, dedicated people.

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